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Credit Card Business

Co-branded credit cards

We do not simply offer a means of payment,
but also plan and propose approaches to boost sales.

We offer co-branded credit cards to a large number of affiliated business partners, particularly major retail companies. We position co-branded credit cards as not simply a means of payment but also a marketing platform for proposing lifestyle improvements to our customers in collaboration with our affiliated partners. Furthermore, making effective use of know-how acquired based on the analysis of the purchasing behavior and other attributes of approximately 17 million cardholders, we systematically plan and propose strategies to expand the sales of our affiliated business partners.

Co-branded prepaid cards

Prepaid cards, issued without credit checks,
enable a wide range of promotional activities.

We offer in-house prepaid cards which can be used only at the stores of affiliated partners but for which money can be added either at the stores or through the websites of the partners. We also provide prepaid cards with the Visa international brand, which can be used at all stores accepting the Visa card in Japan and overseas. Unlike credit cards, prepaid cards can be issued without credit checks when applied for, and they can therefore be used by a broad assortment of customers, including minors. By effectively combining co-branded credit cards and prepaid cards, our affiliated stores can engage in a wider range of promotional activities than they could otherwise do.

Card payment services (credit cards, e-money)

We offer e-money payment services in addition to credit cards.

In addition to credit card payment services, we offer payment services for all the major electronic money cards issued by Japanese transportation companies or groups, etc. on behalf of each e-money business. E-money enables speedy settlements for customers and eliminates waiting time at cash registers and the handling of change, thereby raising the operational efficiency of our business partners.

Services encouraging customer sharing (Cedyna Mall)

We strive for expanding the sales of our affiliated business partners by
offering customer sharing services, such as Cedyna Point Mall.

We provide services for sharing the holders of our own brand credit cards and co-branded credit cards with our affiliated businesses, thereby expanding their sales. For example, the Cedyna Point Mall internet website introduces about 450 shops. By shopping on this mall, holders of our own brand credit cards and co-branded credit cards receive up to 20 times the number of points they would acquire through other sales channels. This improves the service for our credit card holders and aims to raise the sales of affiliated businesses with shops registered on the mall.
(As of June 2017)

Corporate cards

We handle corporate cards that support cost control.

Our corporate cards back up our customers in business occasions, such as business trips and entertainment. Payment by corporate cards alleviates accounting work for advances, temporary payments and reimbursements, contributing to efficient expense management. In addition, by paying business expenses through corporate cards, customers can draw a clear line between public and private affairs.