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Installment Business

Shopping credit

We offer secure, convenient services that make life easier.

We provide secure, convenient credit for a wide range of everyday needs, from shopping at department stores, on TV, and through the internet to paying for education and medical care.
Responding to our customers’ needs, Cedyna offers a variety of payment methods, such as installment payment, one-time payment at bonus season, and two-time payment at bonus season. For our affiliated stores, cash collection risk is removed and, as payments are collected in one lump-sum, collection times are shortened.

Cedyna can meet the needs of customers
who "want an immediate purchase".

  • Kimonos and other kinds of clothing
  • Jewelry, precious metals and watches
  • Electric appliances and furniture
  • Business-use credit
    (based on individual installment contracts)
  • Student loans

Credit is being used in a wider set of circumstances.

  • Agribusiness support credits
    For agricultural tools, fertilizers, agrichemicals, etc.
  • Bridal credit
  • Medical credit
    For dental treatment, Lasik (corrective eye surgery), etc.
  • Advanced medical care credit for advanced or expensive medical care

Home improvement loans & Solar energy loans

Home improvement loans

We give our customers the financial support they need to realize their ideal home improvements, from home extensions to refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms.

Solar energy loans

We are strengthening our approach to eco-friendly products related to solar power generation and storage which are likely to play a big role in next generation energy sources.

Reform & Solar Loan Benefits

•Worry-free procedures

  • Simple application process.
  • Fast credit check.

•We support your life circumstances

  • Long repayment periods available.
  • Partial advanced repayments possible.
  • Fixed interest during repayment period.

Auto loans and auto leases

We prepare a variety of products supporting the purchase of automobiles and motorbikes.

These include auto loans for purchases of new and second-hand cars and motorbikes and for maintenance for safety inspections, plus "auto loans with residual value" and "auto leases".

Auto loans with residual value

Reduced monthly payments

  • Borrowers can substantially reduce their monthly repayments by deducting the pre-determined trade-in value of their vehicle from the loan value.
  • Borrowers can purchase an upgraded vehicle with the same budget.

Convenient options for repaying the residual value

  • Payment by selling the automobile.
  • Lump-sum payment of the residual value.
  • Repayment of the residual value by installments.

Illustration of auto loans with residual value

Auto lease

Cedyna Auto Lease Co., Ltd., our affiliated company, offers auto lease product "CAWLS".

Banking guarantees

We help the retail business of financial institutions.

We guarantee loans made by financial institutions to individuals. Utilizing our knowhow that we have honed over many years, we support the retail business of financial institutions in various regions by offering custom-made product development and a variety of products such as those with the procedures all made on websites, which are suitable to their needs.

Cedyna C-Web®

•With Cedyna C-Web, online credit applications can be made from a variety of communications devices, making it a convenient payment tool that can be used any time, any place.
•As the procedures can be paperless, personal data protection is strengthened; the application process is also simplified, thus contributing to increased customer satisfaction.

•Applications can be made on-line for student loans, automobile loans, and life support loans.
•Attuned to the diversification of input devices, Cedyna C-Web allows customers to transmit data via personal computers, tablet devices and smartphones.