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Solution Business


We provide factoring services, making lump-sum purchases of accounts receivable from individuals and corporations.

B to B

We assist payments among corporations, enabling our customers to streamline their operations and alleviate risk.

Accounts receivable from corporations

This service allows our business customers to streamline their invoicing and collection processes for low-value/high-volume transactions with their business counterparties.
We pay the receivables owed by business counterparties in one lump-sum, and then invoice and collect funds from the counterparties. By using this service, a business can streamline the collection and administrative process and reduce the risk of uncollectible payments due.

B to C

We help BtoC businesses to rationalize collection from individual customers and to reduce the risk of non-payment.

Accounts receivable from individuals

Under this service, Cedyna makes advance payments for, or purchases, products sold by businesses to individuals, paying a lump-sum to the businesses. We then undertake all the processes needed to collect payment from the individuals, from invoicing to issuing payment reminders. For the individual customers, the payment process is simplified; for the businesses, cash collection risk is reduced and collection and administrative work is streamlined.

Rent payment service

Under this service, Cedyna pays lump-sum covering the rent and management fees due from tenants to the rental management company.
•Cedyna continues to pay the rent for tenants for a certain period even if the tenants delay their payments to Cedyna.
•We also offer our original schemes by which the management company can further streamline processes related to rental management.

Collection agency services (Offered by SMBC Finance Service Co., Ltd.*)

Business customers can reduce their cash collection costs and focus on their primary businesses.

Under these services, Cedyna collects regular fees, including newspaper subscription fees, telecommunication fees, such as mobile phone charges, and life insurance fees for businesses and makes bank transfers of the fees collected in one lump-sum to the businesses with the records of payment. (Money collection services were transferred from Cedyna to SMBC Finance Services Co., Ltd., which, in turn, outsourced the administration and systems operations for these services to Cedyna.) Cedyna also provides the “Payment Station” platform, through which multiple payment methods including credit cards can be used.
*SMBC Finance Services Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive financial services company offering top-class collection agency services in Japan.

Collection agency service (Bank transfers)

Through this service, Cedyna collects money from customers by automated transfer from their bank accounts, and transfers the collected money to businesses to which the customer owes money. With more than 1,300 affiliated financial institutions that can be used, we boast the largest network in Japan.

Collection agency service at convenience stores

Through our alliances with convenience stores, customers can make payments through more than 65,000 convenience stores all over Japan. Once we have received the funds from the convenience store chain, we transfer amounts in one lump-sum to businesses.

"Payment Station" platform

This one-stop payment service can be used for both online (website) and offline (catalog) commerce, as well as for both B to B and B to C. It can handle multiple payment methods, including credit cards and payments at convenience stores*, and offers dedicated administration portals and automatic clearing of deposits. It can also be customized or used to outsource processes such as the issuance of paying-in slips.

*Payment methods offered
①Credit card payment (one-off or recurring)②Convenience store payment (by receipt number)
③Convenience store payment (by paying-in slip) ④Transfer by postal savings account
⑤Bank transfer⑥Pay-easy / Internet banking⑦E-money